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Tekiyogi is a team of empowered individuals that blend creativity and expertise to bring clients the perfect digital marketing plan. With the use of time-tested proprietary methodologies, groundbreaking technology and online strategies, we can launch your business into an ongoing success.



Tekiyogi Services Pvt Ltd has expertise in aligning SAP implementation to the business objectives helping derive optimum value of technology. We aim to bring the right set of people and their key skills to your SAP landscape transformation.


Among the many roles that we have. As a HR Consultant, it is our responsibility to ensure that the HR functions in the clients’ company are streamlined to eliminate repetitions, unwanted processes, outdated procedures, and so on. Our focus as an expert HR Consultant is to enhance the performance and productivity of a business. We have qualified HR experts to help us achieve this task effectively.


Java web development is the most used program for web solution creations. Outsource Java web development services to Tekiyogi Services Private Limited and save up to 70% of the development cost.


Tekiyogi Services Pvt Ltd specialize in creating customized Web Development to embrace your digital transformation ideology. Our solutions are focused in translating Business strategy into successful web Technologies. We build Futuristic solutions that unifies well with your existing systems.